Steven M. Kelsey PhD, M.Ed; LPCC

  • Founding Pastor, Spirit Filled New Life Church Ministries
  • Founding Presiding Prelate, Alpha & Omega Church Ministries
  • Member of American Association Of Christian Counselors
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Natas Ohio Valley 2017 Emmy Nomination

2017 Natas Ohio Valley Emmy Nominee, Arch Bishop DR. Steven M. Kelsey, Ph.D., M.Ed., LPCC is the Pastristical Founder of Alpha and Omega Church Ministries International, Inc. and the proud Pastor of Spirit Filled New Life Church Ministries in Louisville, KY. Dr. Kelsey has been married for 23 years to Lady Diane Kelsey and the father of three, Whitney, Amaris and Josiah. He is a clinician and provides service in the areas of Behavior/ Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family, Individual, CPS cases, Forensic Psychologist.

Under his leadership, the church has grown spiritually in leap and bounds. His ministry has touched the soul and spirit of clergy and laity above and beyond cultural and denominational barriers.

Certified Life Coach

Fresh Start Education and Counseling Center Inc.

We provide the necessary tools for each individual to rebuild hope, gain structure in their lives, maintain sobriety, and rebuild their family dynamics where it’s been damaged or lost. We work with those who are struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, anger and co-occurring disorders. Our focus lies on helping a client unlearn a learned behavior through individual counseling and/or group therapy.  We firmly believe that addiction is a disease and that no two people are alike. We are committed to the confidential, ethical and compassionate treatment of those individuals suffering from chemical dependency and alcoholism.

At Fresh Start Education and Counseling Center, we know that all people struggle at times and our caring and professional staff can help those struggling with depression, stress management, grief recovery, divorce recovery, eating disorders, anxiety and phobias, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, self-esteem, substance abuse, attention deficit/learning problems, behavioral problems, emotional trauma, parenting challenges and many other issues. We provide Court Order Services. Such as Battiers Intervention, Substance Abuse, MRT (Moral Recondition Therapy), Individual and Family counseling, CPS (Child Protective Services).